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Marriage Certificate Translation Services


◆         Professional Marriage Certificate Translation Services offered by certified translators

         Accredited translation, stamped with an authoritative special translation seal

        We can translate your marriage certificate for visa, immigration, or birth fund applications or for notarization purposes

         Comprehensive rates

        No hidden fees

         100% guaranteed acceptance

         100% human translated

         On time delivery

Professional Translation Agency for your Marriage Certificate

Nanking Translation is a professional certificate translation agency, specializing in helping our clients with multilingual certificate translation for the purposes of obtaining their Green Card (Permanent Resident Alien Card), U.S. citizenship applications, marriage or fiancé visa applications for non-American citizens or other related purposes.

Are you still looking for a professional translation agency to translate your marriage certificatefor your visa application, immigration application (for example, USCIS), or Notarized Translation Services formarriage certificate?

Contact usfor your next marriage certificate translation project! We will get in touch with you within 24 hours. If you are really hurry, our free quotation tool can help you get an approximate price.

Certified and Notarized Marriage Certificate Translation Services

With a 10-year experience in translating marriage certificate, we have met all the requirements of marriage certificate translation.

We offer professional translation of marriage certificate, translated by professional translators, and stamped with our company seal, which is approved by all the visa centers, notary offices, embassies and other international organizations.

Multilingual Certified Marriage Certificate translation in 30+ Languages

With the outstanding and professional translators all over the world, Nanking Translation can provide certified marriage certificate translationfor any language combination as well as approved by each country or each local organization.

We have provided certified translation for the following types of certificate and more:

·       Japanesemarriage certificate

·       Chinesemarriage certificate

·       Italianmarriage certificate

·       Americanmarriage certificate

·       Thai marriage certificate

·       English marriage certificate

·       French marriage certificate (Contrat de mariage)


Languages of the Marriage Certificate Translation we offer (Part)


          Original language

Target language

Translate multilingual marriage certificate into Chinese







Marriage Certificate Translation in French



Marriage Certificate Translation in Spanish



What we can provide for a standard marriage certificate translation:

1.       An experienced and professional translation company(with the business license issued by the Trade and Industry Bureau, the Organization Registration Code Certificate, the official seal as a translation company approved by the government );

2.       The professional marriage certificate translators;

3.       Native speakers’ revise(reference: Foreign Translators) +in line with our internal quality standards (Translation Quality Standards);

4.       Standard original format and typesetting;

5.       A legible official seal print in the right position (reference: Seal Services). 

Other Certificate Translation Businesses

  Visa Translation(comply with the standards of visa centers and stampthe official seal)

  Household Register Translation (professional and special language solutions for you )

  ID Card Translation(accurate, efficient, reliable)

  Driving License Translation(help you drive legally throughout the world)

  Ownership Certificate Translation(professional, accurate, reliable)

Affordable Marriage Certificate Translation Rates

Generally, the English-Chinese marriage certificate translation costs 100 RMB per page, including the translation, revise and original format typesetting. Scanning the original, printing, and stamping our official seal are all free of charge. Besides, if you have no time to take the translation, we can send it to you through any international express. But you need to pay extra money for the express to the courier.

Note:If in the original, there are over 300 words and symbols or the typesetting is so complicated, we still have the right to requite. The final quote is subject to our online customer consultant orour toll-free hotline consultant (400…).

Special Language Translation Services Only for You

Nanking Translation is confident to become your preferred language translation services certification authority.


Based on accurate and standard translation, we will also provide you the individual service promise (such as urgent, relevant advisory, typesetting, native languages polishing).


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