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Transcript Translation Services

Provider of Professional Transcript Translation

With tenyears of experience incertificate translation, we have provided thousands of transcript translations for ESL students, overseas students, or returned students. All the translations are stamped with an official seal(for details seeSeal Services), and proofread and edited with care.Our translation conform in every respect with the standards of visa centers and diploma verification bodies.

Professional Transcript Translation Services

Accuracy is a must.

 What is included in a Professional Transcript Translation?

A transcript isa listdisplaying courses taken, grades achieved and grade points. Different countries have different ways of recording students’ academic performance, i.e. all their courses and grades. In many countries, certified original transcripts are valid legal documents. In view of the importance of transcript translation, we recommend that only professional translation companies should be used to translate, revise, and stamp such records.Moreover, in translations of academic transcripts and course descriptions accuracy is a must.

Essential features of a college transcript translation:

·         Names of courses must be right;

·         Grades and grade points must be right;

·         The formatting of the translation must be consistent with the original;

·         The grades and grade points must be in line with their corresponding courses. No changes are permissible.

Multiple Transcripts we have translated

Official transcripts we have translated include but are not limited to:

·       Academictranscripts

·       High schooltranscripts

·       Collegetranscripts

·       Sahtediplomas

·       Collegeentrance examination transcripts

·       Undergraduatetranscripts


Are you an overseas student or a returned student in need of transcript translation for diploma verification?  Nanking Translation will be your best choice.

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Other Visa Materials Translations for Studying Abroad

◆         Visa Materials Translation(complying with the standards of visa centers and stamped withanofficial seal)

         ID Card Translation(accurate, efficient, reliable)

         Résumé Translation(package yourself professionallyin the target language)

         Household Register Translation (professional and special language solutions for you )

         Birth Certificate Translation(professional competence from years of experience)

Other Translations for Diploma Verification

         Passport Translation(professional and special language solutions for you)

         Thesis Translation(applies only to master’s degree andabove)

         Diploma Translation(highly accurate translation)

         Honorary Certificate Translation(…)

Note: Applicants who do their own translations are asking for trouble.

Some Sample Transcript Translation Prices

These prices are just sample quotes forEnglish-Chinese translation. If the original has unusually many words and symbols per page or if the typesetting is exceptionallycomplicated, we reserve the right to revise our quotation.

English-Chinese transcript translation costs 100 RMB per page, including scanning of the original, translation, revision, formatting inthe original format, printing, and stamping with our official seal.An express service is available at a slightly higher charge.

For transcript translation from or to other languages, please contact in the first instanceour online customer consultant or callour toll-free hotline consultant (021-62706195)

The final quote will be decided on by our company.


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