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What is Certified Translation?

by Nanking Translation / 0000-00-00

What is Certified Translation?

A Certified Translation is a written document used for official purposes, which constitutes a legal record attesting to the translation's accuracy when it is critical that the original meaning of the source document content has not been affected in any way.

The type of documents that generally require certified translation are

  1. customs and immigration documents,
  2. birth and death certificates,
  3. academic records,
  4. real estate deeds,
  5. marriage and divorce certificates,
  6. adoption papers,
  7. medical records,
  8. financial records,
  9. wills,
  10. legal contracts,
  11. leases,
  12. contracts,
  13. and police records.

Depending on the nature of the translated materials, it is required that the translation is certified by affidavit; i.e., the translator must declare in writing and on oath before a notary public that the translation is accurate and complete. This service is also known as Notarized Translations.



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