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Nanking Translation is a professional language service provider for the provision of high technology-focused language translation and interpretation services, we can offer multiple interpreting services based on the types of situations, numbers of people, and clients' requirements.
Professional simultaneous interpretation along with the high quality simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services (including simultaneous interpretation system and conference microphones) for any size meeting.
In a Simultaneous Interpretation, several items are involved:
1. Real-time interpretation is required while the speaker continually speaks.
2. The interpreter is both listening and speaking at the same time.
3. The interpreter is behind the scenes.
4. The assistance of special equipment is required, such as microphones, headsets, and in some instances, booths. Simultaneous Equipment Rental Services are available.
5. Interpreters work in teams, taking breaks every 30 minutes
Nanking Translation earns high scores for utilizing native-speaking consecutive interpreters and a multi-step rigorous interpreter selection process to ensure both linguistic and cultural accuracy.
In a Consecutive Interpretation, several items are involved:
1. During consecutive interpreting, the speaker speaks for a few minutes (a few paragraphs), then pauses. The interpreter takes notes and then orally conveys (translates) the speaker's message during the pause.
2. The key element in consecutive interpreting is note taking: the interpreter must record ideas and then translate them back into the words of another language without pause.
3. The interpreter stands with the speaker and translates either a whole sentence at a time, from their notes, or more manageable portions (often called "chunking").
Our qualified interpreters not only establish a liaison of language and culture between you and your clients, enable you speaking the same language as your clients, but also show the right company image for your business, to make your clients keep all the confidence of it.
Liaison interpreting is also called Escort Interpreting, it is the most widely used type of on-site interpreting services, in which several items are involved:
1. Normally, an liaison will interpreter accompany a person or a delegation on a tour, on a visit, or to a meeting or interview – liaison interpreting
2. An escort interpreter will accompany person or a delegation fairs and cultural events, for example guided visits, visiting factories, tourism in cities, formal dinners, which requires more personal, direct and close touch
Our on-demand telephone interpreting service enables smooth, efficient communication (like teleconferences) with non-English callers, without the need to recruit bilingual employees or outsource calls to another country, and avoiding the distortion of information.
Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), or telephonic interpreting, is a new strategic directive to deliver high cost-effective interpreting services.In a telephone interpreting, several items are involved:
1. The phone interpreter does not interpret word-for-word, but meaning-for-meaning
2. Excellent note-taking technique and memory skills
3. Telephone system is required

More Interpreting Services

Except four types of interpreting we serve above, we also offer several interpreting services according to special situations and modalities.
• On-site Interpretation
• Whispering Interpretation
• Legal Interpreting
• Medical Interpreting
• Conference interpreting
• Court interpreting
• fair translation
• training translation
• guide translation
• event translation
• negotiation interpretation
• seminar interpreting
Dont know how to choose the right interpreting Services?


Nanking Translation is a professional language service provider for the provision of high technology-focused language translation and interpretation services, based on industry-specific and experienced interpreters, state-of-the-art project management, and advanced technologies, we can offer a wide range of professional interpreting services within 30+ language channels.

Whether you need an interpreter to assist the client with straightforward business negotiations, discussions at international trade fairs, or act as a bridge between two cultures during the visits of foreign clients, we have the right interpreter in our team to lead your business a success. (Read The importance of choosing a right interpreter)

With a team of professional interpreters and a 10-year experience of handling more than 3000 successful meetings serving the requirements of businesses and governments all over the world, we have the ability to ensure a full success of any simultaneous interpretation project.

Let our experienced project manager handle your upcoming conference, meeting or special event and check our cases studies to see how we will make your next meeting a success

Quality management of interpreting services

a Contract
Project Analysis

1. Clients ask for quotes
2. A project manager is assigned
3. The PM will then analyze, plan, coordinate and supervise the whole translation project and keep the client updated on the project progress
4. Project Requirements Analysis including words count, subject matter, costs and time calculating, etc.
5. The PM registers the project details and set a commercial agreement with the client according to the requirements, project volume, source language and target language, difficult of translation, subject matter, costs and time calculating, etc.

Professional Interpreting Team

Nanking Translation has a team of reliable and professional highly qualified and experienced Interpreters. All Interpreters are screened, tested, sign confidentiality agreements and receive yearly training for security procedures.


  • Confidentiality: To be faithful and maintain the confidentiality are key for our interpreters. A confidentiality agreement is available to protect the confidentiality.
  • Linguistic: Proficiency in both source language and target language, intimate familiarity with both cultures
  • Professionalism: Our on-demand interpreters do not interpret word-for-word, but meaning-for-meaning, with the ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely.
  • Subject-Matter-Expert: Industry knowledge and terminology of the subject to be interpreted with a minimum of 3 years interpreting experience on related sectors.


    BACKGROUND Our interpreters are all graduates of advanced translation institutes, majored in interpretation, and their degrees are recognised by:
  • The American Translators Association (ATA)
  • The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)
  • The UN Interpretation Service
  • The EU Directorate General for Interpretation (SCIC) And our interpreters are also certified members



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