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Consecutive Interpreting

Nanking Translation offers a full range of interpreting services to suit the needs of our clients. Whether you have a conference, a business meeting, an interview, or a teleconference that need to be interpreted consecutively, we have the right interpreter in our team to meet your needs.

Consecutive Interpreter

Nanking Translation earns high scores for utilizing native-speaking consecutive interpreters and a multistep rigorous interpreter selection process to ensure both linguistic and cultural accuracy.

All of our consecutive interpreters are qualified and experienced:

·      The interpreter has at least five to ten-year experience in consecutive interpretation

·      The interpreter is competent to do the bilateral consecutive interpretation of various size, occasion and theme.

·      The interpreter could at least listen to five to ten-minute continuous speech and interpret all the information of the speech completely and accurately with good public speaking skills.

·      A consecutive interpreter, will listen to the message of the speaker, take notes (I long CI), and after will explain the ideascontained in it to the listener.

·      A consecutive interpreter has the ability for sight translation when needed.

·      Interpreters can provide historical and cultural background on your foreign counterparts to help you build a working relationship.

In addition to this, SNT will select interpreters with relevant background according to the occasion, theme and size of the consecutive interpretation, ensuring the precision and speed of the interpretation.

When is consecutive interpreting used?

Consecutive interpreting is appropriate for a number of business settings, including business meetings, negotiations, conferences, seminars, interviews, trials (sworn interpreting) and more.

Most commonly, it is used to small to medium-sized conferences, but is also perfectly acceptable for larger conferences w     ith the help of a microphone and loudspeakers.

We are specializing in consecutive interpretation in the business setting as follows:

·     Business meetings

·     Business negotiations

·     Conferences: press conferences, product launch conferences

·     Seminars: academic exchange interpretation

·     Interviews

·     Talks:government talks, top management talks

·     Lectures: academic presentation, new energy automobile lecture

·     Exhibition: auto exhibition, real estate exhibition, furniture exhibition, negotiation in exhibition

·     TrainingSessions

·     Events: celebration, opening ceremony, closing ceremony

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We also offer simultaneous, whispered simultaneous, telephone, liaison interpretingand Escort interpreting.

If you don't know how to choose the type of interpreting services, check types of interpreting services and how to choose, or contact our online project manager.

What is Consecutive Interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting is the most common form of interpreting and is used in both formal and informal settings, and it requires longer immediate memory or notes taking skills, sight translation skills of language expertise, and higher accuracy of translation.

·     The interpreter sits or stands beside the source-language speaker.

·     The speech is divided into segments,so that the interpreter can interpret in sections, i.e. consecutively.

·     While the speaker is talking, the interpreter is listening carefully and may take notesaccording to the length of the paragraphin a Long CI.

·     When the speaker pauses, the interpreter translates what has been said into the target language.

·     When the speaker pauses or stops speaking, the interpreter then renders the entiremessage naturally and completely in the target language.

For consecutive interpreting, our experienced, qualified consecutive interpreters can work both into and out of their mother tongue.


consecutive vs simultaneous interpreting

The purpose of consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation is for the clear, barrier-free and instant communication among people who use different language. Compared to simultaneous interpretation:

1.      Consecutive interpretation requires longer immediate memory, higher accuracy and greater expertise.

2.      Consecutive interpreting takes double time.

3.      The speaker and the interpreter take turn to speak during the conference;

4.      There is no need to rely on any auxiliary equipment in the consecutive interpretation;

5.      Both of the speaker and the interpreter in consecutive interpretation could make use of the speaking time of each other to contemplate;

6.      Normally, consecutive interpretation is of higher accuracy than simultaneous interpretation.


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