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Liaison Interpreting Service

In the strong competition of today, the need for professional liaison interpreting services is paramount because the important details of conversation which could be possibly lost through poor interpretation can be the difference between success and failure! Sometimes small mistakes can cause the consequences that can be far reaching.

Professional Liaison Interpreting Service

Liaison interpreting is a type of consecutive interpreting, which is in some respect the most personal and informal type of interpreting except escort interpreting, typically performed via whisper or consecutive mode according to the situation.

Nanking Translation offers a full range of interpreting services to suit the needs of our clients. Whether you need a liaison interpreter to assist the client with straightforward business negotiations, discussions at international trade fairs, or act as a bridge between two cultures during the visits of foreign clients, we have the right liaison interpreter in our team to lead your business a success.

Qualified Liaison Interpreters

A liaison interpreter establish a liaison (or a bridge) of language and culture between two people or small groups of people, enabling them to do business as if they were communicating in their mother tongue. As personal, direct and close contact is involved between the speakers and the interpreter, not everybody bilingual can be a professional liaison interpreter.

The features of our professional liaison interpreters:

Confidentiality: To be faithful and maintain the confidentiality are key for our interpreters. A confidentiality agreement is available to protect the confidentiality.

Linguistic: A depth understanding of the target language not only allows them to convert the exact meaning and the speaker’s humor as well, but also concentrate on what to say rather than how to say it.

Subject Matter Expert: We will choose the right interpreter according to your business area, so that the interpreter can understand your product well.

Professionalism: With a background of getting through professional training and experience, our interpreters can guarantee for successful communication and avoids dangerous misunderstandings, making them respected and trusted by their employers.

Skilled Public Speakers: Choosing the right interpreter is choosing the right company image for your business, a qualified interpreter is also a skilled public speaker, who shows a sign of respect towards your interlocutor with confidence, strong voice, clear diction, eye contact, and intonation, to make your clients keep all the confidence of your business.

In what situations are Liaison Interpretingis best SUITED?

Liaison interpreting is widely used in a variety of situations, here is a listing of situations that we routinely working on:

◆  We can offer interpreting for business meetings within a limited number of participants, business trips and visits, small-scale military and government meetings, formal presentations such as conference presentations, lectures, technical/business negotiations and talks held on a small scale within a corporate environment, and appointments with authorities and at court hearings, etc.

  Liaison interpreters allow communication to be established in legal, business, medical, travel, educational and governmental settings, as well as during high level diplomatic meetings.

  Our liaison interpreters can also operate as a tourism guide on informal occasions (such as in museums, shops, etc.), interpreting from texts to oral conversations, for international folklores, shopping, and more.

How to book a Liaison Interpreter?

Please contact online project manager or call our customer service number (021-62706195). We’d like to hear from you and know more about your requirements and details about your interpreting project.

When booking a liaison interpreter, please be at least 5 days in advance, and in order to select the right interpreter for you, we need to know several basic items:

  •   Languages involved
  •   Numbers of interpreters needed
  •   Circumstances, rough idea of the interpretation
  •   Exact date, place, duration
  •   Industry, business area and other special items involved

Even though a liaison interpreter doesn’t need to do the same kind of preparation as with simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, we still recommend you to give the information related to the project in advance so that our interpreters will have enough time to make preparation. It will be much better that the interpreter knows the subject matter, the company and the general sector of the client, to increase the probability of success in negotiation.


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