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Phone Interpreting Service

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), or telephonic interpreting, is a new strategic directive to deliver high cost-effective interpreting services. The fast growth of this service is testimony to its effectiveness, without limitation of time, territory and language.

Telephone interpreting service enables smooth, efficient communication (like teleconferences) with non-English callers, without the need to recruit bilingual employees or outsource calls to another country, and avoiding the distortion of information.

Trusted Provider of Over the Phone Interpretation

Nanking Translation is a professional interpreting agency, offering a complete set of multilingual interpretation servicesincluding:

◆  Simultaneous Interpretation and Consecutive Interpretingfor all kinds of international conferences, press conferences, media interviews, negotiations, seminars, and business meetings;

◆  Phone Interpretationfor any communication via phone;

◆  Liaison interpretingand on-site interpretationfor visits, sightseeing travel, and engineering on-site work and construction sites;

In the last 10 years, our professional telephone translators have helped thousands of clients in three-way calls to interpret message from the source language to the target language and back again.

Accurate Phone Interpreting Service

Federal courts, hospitals, health care systems, customer care centers, emergency telephone call centers, and government services are some of the major users of telephone interpreting services.

Nanking Translation is specialized in providing professional teleconference interpretation services, and instant telephone interpreting services for enterprises and individuals in the sectors of Hearth Care, Government, Telecommunication,Legal, Travel, Finance and Banking, Utilities, Insurance, and Business, helping them meet the requirements of local, state, federal and international mandates for high-quality communication.

Call from any phone, and an operator connects you in seconds to a qualified interpreter. Get immediate access to trained interpreters in over 30 languages on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis.

Professional teleconference interpretation services

Nanking Translation provides professional phone interpretation services in any situation where multi-lingual (or bilingual) communication between two or more parties is vital, but do not require an on-site interpreter. Teleconference interpreting is particularly helpful for settings in which the two parties would communicate via telephone, for example:

◆  International phone communications between business partners

◆  Interviews for employment, college admissions, business, immigration etc.

◆  Law firms (client meetings, interviews, and Q&A sessions)

◆  LEP parent contact for schools and school systems

◆  Medical settings such as doctor consultations

◆  Retail stores, airports and personal banking

◆  Financial sector, consumer counseling services and tax preparation facilities

On-demande Instant Telephone Interpreting Services 

Instant over-the-phone interpretation is frequently used during emergencies or to save travel expenses for the end users.

Nanking Translation is delighted to offer Instant Telephone Interpreting Services in a variety of settings:

  • Individual Sightseeing
  • Family or Friend Visits
  • Business Trips
  • Hospital Appointments
  • Social Worker Assessments
  • GP Appointments
  • Back-to-Work Interviews

The emergent scope includes the interpretation service in daily communication, which doesn’t relate to too much specialized vocabulary and terminology.

This list is a small representation of the many ways; Nanking Translation is helping to meet the increasing demand for phone interpretation services in today's widening global market. For more information on how phone interpretation services, contact our project manager david01@nankingtr.com

Professional Phone Interpreter

Nanking Translation has a team of reliable and professional highly qualified and experienced Interpreters. Our on-demand phone interpreters do not interpret word-for-word, but meaning-for-meaning, they have professional work experience and the following skills:

  •   Proficiency in both source language and target language
  •   Knowledge and intimate familiarity with both cultures
  •   Ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages
  •   Industry knowledge and terminology of the subject to be interpreted
  •   A minimum of 3 years consecutive interpreting experience on behalf of hospitals, banks, lawyers, airlines and many other business sectors
  •   Excellent note-taking technique
  •   Memory skills
  •   Culturally sensitive; the gender and dialect of the Interpreter can be specified
  •   Confidential and secure; all Interpreters are screened, tested, sign confidentiality agreements and receive yearly training for security procedures

All our interpreters sign a strict code of conduct and a robust confidentiality agreement to safeguard your privacy, providing assurance of absolute confidentiality and complete privacy.


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