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Professional Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpretation is applicable to different kinds of major formal high-level meetings, international sessions, formal academic exchange conferences, report meetings, major commercial release conferences, international exchange conferences of government or institution and the like.

The advantage of the simultaneous interpretation includes its high efficiency ensuring the speaker of continuous address instead of interrupting or affecting the speaker’s thinking, which is in favor of the audiences’ understanding to the whole speech, and which saves the time as well. Due to the above advantages, the simultaneous interpretation is considered as the most efficient translating mode.

Nanking provides experienced simultaneous interpreters and state-of-the-art equipment to assure every message is delivered exactly as intended. We can make your event successful by supplying:

Professional On-site Project Management

Our expert project managers are at your disposal to guide you and work with the audio staff at your venue to ensure a smooth, flawless event.

Professional Simultaneous Interpreters

We understand the importance of delivering the speaker’s message with right expressions, emphasis, accuracy, as well as the correct cultural impact.

Nanking translation offer professional simultaneous interpreters who deliver the message accurately and correctly to the target audience without missing any important details.

Graduate from the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation of Shanghai International Studies University and Beijing Foreign Studies University

Majoring in conference interpreting and achieving the master’s degree in interpretation,

Certified by and obtaining the membership qualification certificate from the American Translators Association (ATA), the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), the UN Interpretation Service, and the EU Directorate General for Interpretation (SCIC).

Years of experiences in simultaneous interpretation and decent professional ethics guarantee that Nanking is capable of completing major simultaneous interpretation projects.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Nanking furnishes a dedicated interpreter coordinator to recruit, test and manage your industry-specific event. Our interpreter coordinator will obtain interpreters experienced with your industry terminology for seamless simultaneous delivery. Whether you prefer RF or IR, we will deliver clear sound to all portable receivers, no matter how many languages or rooms are in use.

Simultaneous Interpreting Services in Various Languages and fields

Nanking provides simultaneous translation services in more than 30 languages and various fields.

Simultaneous interpretation languages involved:

Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese, Chinese-Korean, Chinese-Italian, Chinese-French, Chinese-Russian; English-Japanese, English-Korean, English-German, English-French, etc.

Featured fields: finance and economics, automobile, medicine, energy, environment, academic culture, etc.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental Services

In order to help the client hold a satisfactory conference, we also furnish the corresponding simultaneous interpretation equipment leasing services and the conference supporting services such as conference shorthand, written translation and the like to eliminate worries for the client.

The well performed simultaneous interpretation equipment and the professional simultaneous interpreter are the guarantee to the quality of the simultaneous translation.

A complete set of the simultaneous interpretation equipments include the simultaneous interpreting main unit, the digital infrared transmitter main unit, the digital infrared radiant panel, the interpreter desk, the interpreter headphones, the booth, the infrared receiver, the wireless headset, etc.

Prestigious brands in the current market for the simultaneous interpretation equipment include BOSCH, RESTMOMENT, PHILIPS, DIS of Denmark, SENNHEISER of Germany, SONY, TaIDEN Infrared wireless simultaneous interpreting equipment. Generally the price for a set of the simultaneous interpretation equipment is between RMB 3000 and 8000. However, the specific price would vary according to the conference scale and the supplier.

Shanghai Nanking translation Co. Ltd, with the world’s most advanced BOSCH GenerationⅡsimultaneous interpretation equipment and the full set of equipment for conference systems and sound & video, can provide simultaneous interpretation equipment leasing services and the best overall solutions in DCN, video, audio, lighting equipments.

In the past 10 years, Nanking has succeeded in fulfilling its simultaneous interpreting services for many major international conferences.

Nanking’s clients include Sweden Chambers of Commerce, F1 Racing, GGVC, etc.

For specific quote for the simultaneous interpreting service or the simultaneous interpretation equipment leasing service, please consult online or email to david01@nankingtr.com

Professional Interpretation Agency

Nanking Translation is a trusted provider of translation, interpreting and localization services.

We provide professional simultaneous interpretation services (also referred to as conference interpretation or simultaneous translation) in over 30 languages along with the high quality interpretation equipment (including simultaneous interpretation system and conference microphones) rental services for any size meeting.

With a team of experienced interpreters and a 10-year experience of handling more than 3000 successful meetings serving the requirements of businesses and governments all over the world, we have the ability to ensure a full success of any simultaneous interpretation project.

Let our experienced project manager handle your upcoming conference, meeting or special event and Check our cases studies to see how we will make your next meeting a success


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