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Urgent!Get Your Apps Translated to IncreaseExposure inGlobal App Markets

In 2013, google announced that it prefers websites with responsive design rather than mobile websites. Besides, with the development of application, and increase of app download, mobile app translationbecomes a global phenomenon, and one of the most cost-effective way to attract new customers.Contact Nanking Translation to get your apps translated and increase exposure in global app marketplace.

A Trusted Provider of App Localization Service

Nanking Translationis a trusted provider ofprofessional localization services for websites, software, games and apps, specializing in providing solutions in translation, interpreting, and localization for international corporations in the fields of technical, engineering, legal and medical.

Based in Shanghai, we have providedtranslation solutions to app developers and application development companies for on handheld devicessuch as smartphones (e.g., iPhone, Android and Blackberry) and tablets since 2009.

Discover how we can meet your company’s app translation requirements. Pick one of the choices to the right to discuss your project and get a free quote by email to sales@nankingtr.com.

Professional App Localization Service

IPhone app translationand Android app translation are just a fraction of the kinds of technical translation and localization services we routinely provide to our clients. Thanks to our advanced localization translators, we can localize applications for any platform in over 30 languages.

App Localization Platform

◆         Global App localization for iPhone /iOS

◆        Android app localization

◆         Symbian app localization

◆         Windows phone app localization

App Localization Formats

We can handle virtually any localization format.

 Android .xml             Microsoft .NET .resx               DKLang .dklang, .lng 

 iOS/Mac .strings        BlackBerry .rrc                        XUL .dtd 

 HTML                       Java/Flex .properties               JSON/Chrome .json 

 Plain Text .txt          GNU GetText .po, .pot             Ruby on Rails .yml, .yaml 

 CSV .csv                   RTF/Markdown .md, .rtf         Joomla .ini

 Windows 8              MeeGo/Qt .ts                         Youtube Subtitles .sbv 

 .resw, .resjson                                                         SubRip .srt 


Here are the formats we routinely localized:




Apple IOS Strings format.


Android XML format.


Blackberry resource file format.


Java configuration file format.


YAML (Ruby).


ASP.NET Resource file.

.xls and .xlsx

Microsoft Office / Open Office spreadsheet.


Portable Object (GNU gettext file).


XLIFF XML Localization Interchange File Format.


App Localization Service in Over 30 Languages

With nearly ten years of experiencein the translation industry, Nanking Translationprovides highquality localization solutions forAPP localization, covering more than 30 languages includingChinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, French, and German etc. 

Top languages we have translated for iPhone apps include SpanishFrenchGermanPortuguese, Italian, and Japanese. With the increase of ChineseSmartphone users, Chinese looks likely to be a fast growing market.

App Localization Specalists

We have gradually built up a professional localization team which contains nativetranslators and technical staffs, most of whom have advanced specialized technical translation capabilitiesand senior background in different areas(e.g. agriculture, apparel & accessories, automotive, chemical, computer, cosmetics, electronics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, software, technology and etc.)

App Localization Process

◆      Original files delivery

■       To begin the translation project all you need to do is to forward us the files with existing text strings(e.g., description text, image and other material)that need to be translated, common file types includingXML files orExcel spreadsheets

◆      Project Preparation

      Translatable Text Extraction: Identifying the items in the APP which needs to be translated;

      Finalize Requirements, Files Analysis and preparation, Resources Preparation, Tools Evaluation;

      Project Schedule Creation, terminology creation and validation, task assignment;

◆       Translation Engineering

     Translating the identified item into the local language with the use of translation tools and terminology databases;

     Proofreading the translated files

◆       AppLocalization Testing


◆     Translating or adapting the text, critical words and phrases, dates carefully according to the local culture and politics;

◆     Converting dates, times, numbers, currency and other values into the target language;

◆     High quality human translation by native translators other than automatic or machine translation, the translations sound completely    


◆       Years of experiences in all major app localization;

◆       Professional and dedicated localization team, with Mobile app experts

◆       Offering free quotation to all customers;

◆       Strict quality control procedures: Just send us the original files of your applications, we'll handle everything.

◆       Quick and cost-effective: Your software will soon be in daily use from USA to Shanghai.

◆        Any language: We translate every language ofevery App Store.

◆        Fast answers


If you have not used Nanking Translation before, please send an email to sales@nankingtr.comto arrange a free trial translation. We want first and foremost to win your trust. Once we have your confidence we can discuss your specific requirements.


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