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Software Localization Service


◆      Native-speaker translators over 30 Languages

       Complete high-quality localization and multilingual software testing solutions for software development companies by Software Localization Specialists

       Whole piece translation of software including User Interface, Online Help (OLH), and related documentation

      Quality Guaranteed

Professional Software Localization Company - a Reliable and Trusted Partner

With a 10-year background in offering translation, interpretation, internationalization and localization in the fields ofscientific, engineering and technical, Nanking Translation becomes a reliable and trusted partner for many technical development companies to localize their websites, software, applications and other multimedia.

We provide world class Software Localization and specialized, highly technical, and professional translations into over 30 languages. One part of our mission is to provide complete high-quality software localization services and ensure that your software "speaks" the same language of your target customers.

If you are ready to make your software localized into a local market, Contact us today to learn more about our software localization services, and know how we can help you tread the waters of those new markets.

Professional Software Localization Services - Not only Translation

Software localization is more than just translation of software, but a process that consists of:

·       Translation of software or web product, including the whole piece of software and all related product documentation.

·       Adaptation of the end result to a specific local market, its language and specifics.

·       Other tasks such as project management, software engineering, testing and desktop publishing.

By applying search and database technologies to the software localization process, Nanking Translation can provide complete high-quality localization and linguistic testing solutions for software development companies.

Whether you're a budding start-up or an industry giant, we can tailor a complete strategy-to-deployment localization solution that includes the languages, services and level of guidance you need.

What is Included in our Professional software Localization Solution?


·         Localization Consulting

·         Software Localization Auditing & Strategy Development

·         Software QA by native speakers using your test scripts

·         Software Localization Methodology and Process

·         Adapting and compiling using software engineering

·         Fixing software bugs and altering size

·         Checking how the software functions and is being used (Quality Assurance)


We provide a wide range of software localization services for three basic components of a product: the graphical user interface, the on-line help and the related documentation.

Translation of Software or Graphical User Interface(GUI)

Technical Translation of Online Help & Manuals

Translation of Cultural-Related & Legal-Related Content

√       Software/ User Interface Code

√        Menus, Icons, Shortcut Keys, Images, Dialog boxes, Error messages, Cursor shapes, bitmaps, etc.

√        Messages, Help Screens, Tutorials, Instructions

√        Help (command languages)

√        Glossary / Thesaurus

√        Documentation of language constants (and other useful elements)

√        Online Help & Manuals (User)

√        Short contextual help

√        Developer manuals

√        End User Customs

√        License Agreements

√        Legal and Information Security Disclaimers

√        Warranty Agreements

√        Marketing Material and Packaging Content

Regarding translation of the software interface, translators often will be given a special translation files that then will be merged back into the code (see the formats section below). The same functionality can be achieved with an online translation system that relies on a database. Sometimes, translators will have to edit computer code that defines so-called constants and code syntax needs to be respected.

UI/GUI Translation

We can also localize electronic hardware and machinery software (medical devices, machinery, office and telecommunication technologies). We localize internal text/menus/commands related to devices respecting international codes and standards.

Technical Translation Services for Manuals and Online Help

We also offer technical translation services to localize Online Help files and manuals in HLP or CHM formats, created from HTML or RTF files, or from DTP applications (e.g. FrameMaker) using RoboHelp or similar tools. Regarding the source format, various options exist and sometimes several are used concurrently.


Our Technical Translation Service for Online Help & Manuals currently supports the following output formats:

√        PDF

√        Microsoft WinHelp (.hlp)

√        HTML Help (.chm)

√        JavaHelp (.js)

√        Compiled HTML

√        HTML Web Page

√        Visual Studio Help

√        Rich Text Format (Microsoft Word)

√        eBook (Windows executable containing an embedded viewer)

√        ePUB e-books

√        Printed manuals

Technical Adaptation of Software Translation

Software localization must account for units of measure, time format, number formats, address formats, paper sizes, fonts, currency conversion, copyright issues, and local regulations to proper fit into the contextual needs of global users.

Like scientific and technical translations, software localization demands accuracy, precision, and technical understanding of the software's lingo and nomenclature. Additionally, it requires the ability to translate those ideas to languages that may not easily accommodate technical jargon.

Technologies & File Types Supported

       Source Files:ResX, ASP .Net, Java, XML, PHP, RC, VB, String Tables…

       Binary Files: DLL, EXE, OCX, RES…

      Dialog Box Resizing, Build, Compilation

       Testing and Quality Assurance

       Screen Capture, Crystal Reports

Contact Nanking today to request a free localization quote, or to receive more information about our processes.

Localize Your Software in Many Language Combinations

Thanks to our native-speaker software localization specialists in over 30 languages, we can localize your software in many language combinations:

·       English Software Localization  

·       French Software Localization  

·       Dutch Software Localization

·       Spanish Software Localization  

·       German Software Localization  

·       Czech Software Localization  

Linguistic Software Localization Specialists

We have a strong network of professional team of project managers, translators, editors, proofreaders, and technical specialists (including technical writers, localization engineers and developers, and quality assurance specialists) will assess your software and determine the correct course for localizing your software.

Nanking Translation can help your company achieve all software translation needs, delivering the very best for your business and clients. Our work is never complete until our clients are totally satisfied.

Contact Nanking Translation or just call 021-62706195 for a free quote for your software translation project.

Software Localization Process

Project Start

  • Preparation Tasks:
    • Source files analysis and verification: Analysis of the material received and requirements (languages, deadlines, etc.)
    • Project team qualification check and selection
    • Evaluation of the tools and resources required for localization
    • Analysis of the product and terminology verification
    • Contextual data collection: Extraction of text strings from the software
    • Special instructions verification
    • Cultural, technical and linguistic assessment
    • Project schedule creation
    • Establishing a strict schedule for the localization process, including deadlines for each stage in the process.
  • Linguistic Translation Tasks:
    • Creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries
    • Localization of software strings
    • Localization of online help
    • Localization of online documentation
    • Localization of all related marketing and technical material
    • Edit and Proof by Senior Native Translators
  • Engineering Tasks:
    • DTP Services
    • Adaptation of the user interface as required
    • Character length calculations and corrections
    • Localization of graphics, scripts or other media containing visible text, symbols, etc.
    • Adaptation of accelerator keys, tooltips, tab order, menu options, buttons
    • Adaptation of sorting orders in list boxes
    • Compiling of the help files using help authoring tools
    • Localization of multimedia files and embedded graphics containing text
    • Re-creation of sound effects containing text
  • Compilation and build of the localized files for testing
  • Client rebuilds the application in the target language
  • Testing Tasks: functionality testing (quality assurance) of the localized software and report bugs to client
    • Terminology verification
    • Consistency checks against localized software
    • Localization testing
    • GUI testing
    • Functional testing
    • Repeat the testing cycles until all bugs are removed

Project delivery 


Advantages of our Software Localization Services

      A deep understanding of  the large scope of most localization projects and the necessity to handle and complete all tasks on time

      Having the capacity to complete localization projects using software compatible with that of our clients

      Making the project's transition as smooth as possible

      Working with clients to correctly adapt the application and localize it for immediate use by consumers


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