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Business Language Translation Services

Today people face the challenge of greatly expanded commercial opportunities and competition, with a corresponding need for greater linguistic, scientific, and technological support for communication and exchanges across languages and cultures. It requires a multilingual or multicultural packaging for business companies to stay local or go global, no matter small, middle size or large.

Nanking Translation is a full-service translation agency that offers Business Translation, Interpreting, Transcription and Localization Servicesin more than 30 different languages and can translate any text related to the globalization and localization of your business or e-business.

Business Translation Services

We can translate any business documents related to starting, or maintaining, or expanding a business, from official documents to generic business documents that inform clients of purchases and share budgets with investors and shareholders.

We have experience in translating business document as following:

Certified Translation of official documents: Legal Business License Registration, articles of association and more

Contract translation of legal contracts and agreementsrelated to sales, HR, management of business

Presentation Translations of slides

Business Proposal Translationsof RFT, business proposals

Report Translation for reports, surveys and statementswritten by company executives and managers to improve operations

Business Plan Translations of business plans and goals

● E-mail Translations of business emailsrelated to customer service, sales, and corporate communications

Business Letter Translations of business letters and Memos

Business Card Translations of business cardsor foreign business cards

Company Brochure Translation of brochures

Product Catalog Translations of product or services catalogues

Business Strategy translation

Marketing Plan Translation

Marketing Strategy Translation

● Acquisition and Merger Translation (A&M Translation)

Each type of business documents including data, sections and visual graphs to illustrate the sales, annual income and internal operations of the business will be translated accurately with culture adaptation.

Business Interpreting Services

Nanking Translation providesa wide range of interpreting services for business negotiation, investigation, talks, meetings, consultancy, tourism, etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting

Liaison Interpreting

Field Interpreting

Business Localization Services

Specifically, Nanking Translation provides a wide range of high-tech translation services, such as desktop publishingand localization services for hearing and visually impaired clients. The service can localize scripts, record voice-overs, implement subtitles and transcribe audio and video files. In addition, we also offer website localization services with international SEO servicesand multimedia translations of audio and videos.

business transcription services

Nanking Translation offers professional business transcription services for audio and video content from conference calls, product launch conferences, webcasts, analyst calls, investor meetings and presentations.

Languages we offer for business language translation solutions

Nanking Translation earns high scores for utilizing native-speaking translators all over the world and a multistep quality assurance process to ensure both linguistic and cultural accuracy.We specializing in providing the superior, efficient and precise business translation solutions from English/Chinese to Spanish, French, wörterbuch, Arabic, and German.

Preferred Business Translation Agency

Nowadays, the global economic environment has become more and more challenging. If you want a smooth and successful business communication or negotiation, first, you should choose a professional and experienced business translation provider.

Nanking Translation is a professional business translation company, offering first-class translation & interpreting services to a large number of established companies. Our strengths are multilingual business translation and e-business translation. Regardless of business contracts, business letters, cards, bid & biding documents, sales brochures, business negotiation, business investigation or business talks, contact us right now if you need.


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