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Engineering Translation Services

Language Solutions for engineering industries

Nanking Translation is a professional language services provider focusing on the language solutions of technical, engineering and scientific industries where high level of precision, accuracy and consistency are particularly crucial and notoriously hard to achieve.

With a 10-year of experience, we can offer professional technical translation, interpretingand localization services for engineering industries throughout the process of procurement, design, engineering, execution and maintenance.

Professional Engineering Document Translation Services

We provide technical translation services for any documents related to the integrated supply chain of engineering industry, including:

●Engineering design

●Engineering manufacturing

●Engineering testing

●Engineering services

●Engineering software

Whether you have large volume technical manuals to translate, or you want to create your terminology and deliver consistent results of your translations, we are the one right to serve you.

We regularly provide engineering document translation services as follows:

Legal Translations of Agreements and Contracts for engineering projects

Manual Translation Servicesfor multiple technical manuals including repair manuals, user guide, operating manuals, installation manuals and safety manuals

Drawings Translations of technical drawingsincluding Engineering Flow Diagrams, schematics and CAD Drawings

Specification Translations of Engineering Specifications

Proposal Translationsof Engineering Project Proposal and RFP Responses

Tender Translationsof Tender and Bid documents

Patent Translations of technical patents

●Bill of Materials(BOM)

●MSDS and Data Sheets

●Marketing materials like Presentations, Catalogs, and Brochures of engineering services or products

Specifically, we provides desktop publishing, native-speaking translator services and Glossary Creation Services.

Interpreting Services for Engineering Industries in over 30 languages

Our professional interpreters enable us to offer efficient interpreting services to Engineering services companies in over 30 languages, including all the major European, Asian, American, African and Middle Eastern languages.

Whether your engineering project requires an on-site coordinator or you have a conducting training session for your overseas technical support engineers, we have the resources and the experience to manage your project smoothly and ensure that information is conveyed accurately and appropriately.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting

Liaison Interpreting

On-site Interpreting

Technical Interpreting

Localization Services for Engineering Industries

Nanking Translation is a full-service localization company. We can localize scripts, record voice-overs, implement subtitles and transcribe audio and video files.

In addition, website translations and international search engine optimization(SEO) are also offered.

High qualified linguistics with a solid background in engineering

Nanking Translation earns high scores for utilizing native-speaking translators (professional linguistics meet subject matter experts) and a multistep quality assurance process to ensure both linguistic and cultural accuracy.

We have a team of professional translators/interpreters with a solid background in engineering in the following fields:

●Mechanical engineering including aerospace Engineering, manufacturing engineering and vehicle engineering (specializing in automotive engineering);

●Civil engineering including environmental engineering, transport engineering of highway, and railway systems;

●Electrical engineering including computer engineering (software engineering), electronic Engineering (telecommunications engineering);

●Chemical engineering including bio molecular engineering

●Nuclear Engineering

●Architectural engineering

We are fully conscious of the special need for accuracy and professionalism in these projects. With our highly responsible work ethic and experience of managing projects with professionalism and high efficiency, we can satisfy and even surpass clients’ demanding quality standards for engineering interpretation and can guarantee the free and unimpeded Interlingua communication that our clients’ projects require. 
Our long-term clients include the China office of Babtie Group, the famous British engineering consultants, and Jacobs.

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