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Financial Translation Services



◆       Leading translation agency specializing in financial translation, technical translation, legal translation, and medical translation.

       Professional financial translation available in many languages(e.g.English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese)

       Qualified and experienced native-speakertranslatorswith extensiveknowledge of finance and veteran translation skills

       Proofreading services included to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the translation

       DTP Services offered by skilled DTP specialists and graphic designers to produce translations that look as good as the originals

       Strict deadlines met while high-quality standards are maintained

       Confidentiality arrangements madeto prevent any leakage of confidential information

Professional Financial Translation Services

         Over the last decade Nanking Translation has providedthousands of financial translations to clients worldwide, includinginvestment and international banks, retail financial institutionsand alternative investment fund companies.

Working closely with a strong network of qualified and experienced native-speaker translators who combineextensivefinancial knowledge withveteran translation skills, we specialize in offeringhigh quality translations delivered in good time. Our projects have included the following types:

Banking and Financial Institutions:

●Financial consultancy documents

●Financial Journals

●Financial press releases

●Financial product fact sheets

●Financial proposals     

●Financial recordsin finance or business

●Financial reporting guidelines

Financial statements

●Financial updates

●Fund briefs

●Funding applications

●Fund explanatory memoranda

●Government tax reports

●Hedge fund documents

●Income and cash flow statements

●Accounting documents (e.g. analyst reports, annual reports andInterim Reports)

●Articles of incorporation

●Audit documents,including auditor's reports

●Balance sheets 

●Banking documents such as bank statements, banking contracts and agreements

●Bankruptcy, board reports, budgets and forecasts.

●Business plans

●Circulars and paid announcements

Company announcements

●Compliance documents

●Corporate restructuring and scheme of arrangement documents

●Credit documents

●Distribution agreements

●Due diligence reports

●Equity research

●Market commentary

●Market updates and reports

●Merger and acquisition documents

●Mortgage applications

●Pitch books

●Press releases

●Private and public offerings

●Profit and loss reports


●Registration documents

●Sales presentations

●SEC-required reports

●Shareholder communications

●Shareholder information

●Shareholders' reports

Tenders, RFPs, or RFTs



Insurance related documents such as insurance claims, insurance marketing documents, and insurance policies


Nanking Translation offers professional translation services for all documentsfrom the beginning to the end of an investment project.


●Investment funds

●Investment plans

●Investment proposals

●Investment reports

●Investor presentations

●Investor relations

●Investor research

●IPOs and rights issue prospectuses

Advantages of Nanking Financial Translation Services

       Financialtranslation by native speakers in all major languages, including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese,English, German, French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.

       Financial translation by qualified and experienced native-speakertranslators who are accountingspecialists, professionals who combine extensiveknowledge of finance with veteran translation skills

       Proofreading services included to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the translation

       Express servicesavailable to meet your strict deadlines while maintaining highquality standards

       Confidentiality policyto prevent any leakage of confidential information.

       A strong team to meet all your requirements

       Free quotes

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       Free Trials

If you are using Nanking Translation for the first time, send an email to sales@nankingtr.comto get a free trial. We want first and foremost to win your trust. Once we have your confidence we can discuss your specific requirements.

 Professional Financial Translation Agency

Nanking Translation is a professional translation company specializing in technical translation, legal translation, medical translation, and financial translation.  

We use a combination of professional financial translators, native-speaker proofreaders, a multi-stage quality assurance scheme and experienced project managers to ensure that we can offer our clients high-quality financial solutions in such areas as banking, insurance, trusts, securities, funds, financial leasing, and venture capital. 

Normally we analyze financial projects according to the source and target languages, the types of software involved (e.g. InDesign), the subject matter, the client’s deadlines and any other requirements, and then assign the work to translators with relevant experience. 


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