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Language Translation Services for Individuals

Language Translation Services for Individuals

Nanking Translation is a professional translation agency, providing outstanding, cost-effective translation services, interpreting, and language trainingto individuals worldwide.

Document Translation for Individuals

For individuals, we offer certificate translation and personal documentation translation:

◆       Certified translation of visa materialsfor the purposes of immigration, studying abroad or traveling, including birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates, diplomas and transcripts, licenses etc.

◆       Personal documentationincluding personal correspondence, CVs/résumés, essays, medical reports, or other documents.

We promise to keep your documents private and confidential.

Identity andcivil registry certificates

◆       Passport 

◆       Driver’s License

◆       Birth Certificate(baptism certificate or civil registration certificate in some countries)

◆       Marriage Certificate, or marriage license

◆       Single Status Certificate

◆       Divorce Decree, or divorce certificate

◆       Death Certificate

◆       Residence Permit(temporary or permanent)

◆       ID Card

◆       Family registeror Family Album in many countries, such as Germany (Familienbuch), France, Spain, Russia (Propiska), China (户口), Japan (Koseki), and North and South Korea (Hoju)

◆       Health Insurance Policy

◆       Police Reportor Police Clearance Certificates(criminal record) stating that you do not have a criminal record;

◆       Military Records(if necessary)

◆       Adoption Papers(child adoption agreement and home studies)

◆       Name change certificate(if you have legally changed your name)

Education certificates and Documentation

◆       Diploma(high school diploma, or college/university/academic diploma);

◆       Transcripts

◆       Degree

◆       CVs/résumés

◆       Essays

Financial certificates and declarations

◆       Certificate of Ownershipor Title Deedsof house, apartment, cars etc.

◆       Income Declarationof business etc.

◆       Work Certificate

◆       Bank Statements

◆       List of Assets

Normallyall documents must be original, officially translated, certified and properly validated. For the official purposes of immigration, visa application and notarization, documents will be more or less as in the list above.

Medical Documentation Translation

◆      Medical reports

◆       Care records

◆       Clinical records or patient records

Interpreting Services for Individuals

We offer Liaison interpretingand Guide interpretationfor visits, or sightseeing travel.

Telephone interpretingcan be very helpful when shopping across the border or talking to relatives abroad.

Our professional interpreting training servicescan help you become a professional interpreter.

Language Training for Individuals

Nanking Translation has a language training institution - Face Mandarin, which specializes in language training for individuals and companies. Face Mandarin Language Training Center was founded in 2005, and its main focus is on Chinese and English training for companies. We offer customized foreign language training that is available in the home or office, and scheduled according to the student's availability. Check more about our language training courses.


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