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Legal Translation Services

Provider of professional legal translation solutions

Nanking Translation is a professional legal translation solution provider. Our special services include:

◆       Certified translation of legal documents

●Authenticated translation of certificates of birth, marriage, divorce and death, along with diplomas and degree certificates

●Official and professional translation of contracts, laws, patents, court transcripts or other legal texts

      Legal interpreting services

● Court interpreting

       Legal transcription services

●Transcription services for Court or trial transcripts

In the last 10 years we have undertaken thousands of legal documents translations and legal interpretation jobsfor leading global corporations, law firms, and non-profit organizations.

professional legal translation Services

Key fact about legal translation - Quality is a Must

Legal translationis the translation oflegal documents, and makes legal texts available in another language.

Legal translationenables a legal document written in a foreign language to be accepted by a local court of justice.

A legal document includes a whole series of provisions, such as definitions of the parties’ rights and duties. In order to ensure that all these provisions are expressed precisely and elaborated clearly, legal documents and opinions must be translated accurately by dedicated legal translators.

Because legal documents can result in legal liability, mistranslation of a passage in something like a contract might lead to loss of money or, even worse, a lawsuit.

Therefore in legal translation accuracy and quality are extremely important.

When quality is essential, try our key comprehensive legal translation solutions.

Legal translation of multiple legal documents

With experience derived from translating thousands of legal documents, Nanking Translation can provide you with accurate translations of many kinds of legal document, viz.:

●contracts and agreements;

●documents for civil, criminal, administrative and marine court litigation;

●legal documents for patents, notarial work;

●legal briefs and legal opinions;

●summonses, complaints & counter-complaints;

●leases, copyrights, insurance policies;

●litigation and arbitration

●aws and regulations

Key legal document translation services offered:

         contract translation

●business contracts

         employee manual translation

         translation of laws and statutes

●Civil law

●Criminal law

●Family law

●Contract law

●Case law

●Commercial law

●Intellectual property law

●Insurance law

●Banking law

●Internet law

●Aviation law

●Copyright law


●Internet regulations

●Consumer protection legislation

●Aviation legislation

●Internet legislation

●Insurance legislation

●Security legislation

●Bankruptcy legislation

●Civil legislation

●Contract legislation

●Commercial legislation


●Court cases


●Civil litigation

        transaction documents

Professional legal interpreting services

SNT can also offer clients expert legal interpreting, supplying legal interpreters to accompany clients on commercial visits, and also consecutive or simultaneous translators for conferences and meetings. All our interpreters have an excellent specialist legal background and experience in legal interpretation.

Court interpreters with professional legal interpreter training

We also provide court interpretation services. Each court Interpreter has gone through specialized interpreter training, and has a mastery of legal jargon and legal terms.

Authenticated translation of legal certificates

Translation of court transcriptions

Our Legal Translators Team

Nanking Translation employs a specialist team of highly qualified legal translators with a background in the law. Because in legal translations the long sentences are often confusing and the meanings unclear, we insist that the translations must not only be technically accurate and faithful to the original text, but also clear, fluent and idiomatic. Over the years Nanking Translation has always upheld these principles in its legal translations, and has won the confidence of many world-famous clients, including GKN.

Quality assurance

Urgent deadlines met

Comprehensive prices

Free quote

You can choose SNT as your provider of legal translation solutions, making your own customized package of legal document translations and legal interpreting services in accordance with your needs. 


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