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Literary Translation Services


◆Shanghai-based professional literary translation provider with 10 years of experience

Professional literary translations in over 30 languages to reach your global audience

Literary works reshaped to suit local cultural conditions

Experts in the technical, medical, legal and life science sectors for your non-fiction books

Literary editing services and native speaker polishing services ensure that your book speaks the same language as your audience

Choose your qualified, skilled literary translator by target language from our database of language professionals and industry experts.

100% accurate translations

100% satisfaction guarantee

Express services to meet strict deadlines


Literary translation is a challenging task because it bridges cultures, languages, and human world-views across national and cultural borders. Only a qualified and experienced translator can produce a truly literary translation.

“In the act of literary translation, the soul of another culture becomes transparent, and the translator recreates the refined sensibilities of foreign countries and their people through the linguistic, musical, rhythmic, and visual possibilities of the new language.”

Professor Rainer Schulte, Co-Founder of ALTA

Professional Literature Translation Services

Not just translation but also recreation

Types of Literary Translation Services

Nanking Translationprovidesliterary translations in over 30 different languages. With a strong network of qualified and experienced translators and a pool of editors, journalists, technical writers, and freelance writers, we provide excellent and accurate literary translation solutions whichmeet various requirements for both fiction and non-fiction texts.

The types of literary translations we offer include:


·         comics

·         drama

·         fairy tales

·         manuscripts

·         novels

·         poems

·         screenplays

·         serials

·         short stories




·academic papers and publications


·handbooks, guides and manuals


·reporting and journalism



·scientific books papers

·technical writing


You can use our professional literary translation services topublish any of the above kinds ofliterary textin another language. Whether you publish on line or in print, this is the way to reach a wider audience.Choose the publication medium, which suits your needs.

Comprehensive literary translation rates

The cost of your literary translation project depends on the following criteria:

  • Language combination (source language and target language).
  • Number of source or target words
  • Pages of the document
  • Format of the document(DTP services involved)
  • Time in which it needs to be completed (expressservice availableto meet strict deadlines)
  • Subject (difficulty fortranslation)

Contact usfor your next literary translation project, or use our free quotation tool to get a comprehensive price for your translation.

Multilingual Translations of Literary Texts

         With our native translators from all over the world, we can translate over 30 languages.We specialize in the following languages:










Features of our Qualified Literary Translators

●Language artists with a feeling for language and a fascination with literary translation

●Linguists with an intimate knowledge of the source language and target language

●Translators proficient in the local culture and literature of the target languageand abreast of any special subject involved (normally native speakers)

●People familiar with other work of the author

●Linguists capable of moving from one style to another when translating different works

●Translators committed to conveying the soul of the original work, as opposed to merely producing an accurate rendering of the words

Quality Assurance

To ensure the precisionof our literary translations, we set each of our clients up with a professional, native-speaker translator who has the requisite specific knowledge, educational background and/or professional experience to match the literary need.

This excellent"native speaker meets subject professional"combination ensures that each literary translation we produce is true to the original content and meaning, and that our translators adopt the appropriate words, tone and formatting for the wider cultural context in which the text will be read.      

Professional Literary Translation Agency

Nanking Translation deals with technical translations, legal translations, medical translations, and literary translations, and literature translation is one of our specialist areas. In the last 10 years, we have undertaken thousands of translations of literary texts for publishers, bookshops, and writers. 


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