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Team of Interpreters
Nanking Translation has a team of reliable and professional highly qualified and experienced Interpreters. All Interpreters are screened, tested, sign confidentiality agreements and receive yearly training for security procedures. Our on-demand interpreters do not interpret word-for-word, but meaning-for-meaning, they have professional work experience and the following features:
  • Confidentiality
    To be faithful and maintain the confidentiality are key for our interpreters. A confidentiality agreement is available to protect the confidentiality.
  • Linguistic
    Proficiency in both source language and target language, intimate familiarity with both cultures, and Culturally sensitive; the gender and dialect of the Interpreter can be specified
  • Professionalism
    Our on-demand interpreters do not interpret word-for-word, but meaning-for-meaning, with the ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely.
  • Subject-Matter-Expert
    Industry knowledge and terminology of the subject to be interpreted with a minimum of 3 years interpreting experience on behalf of hospitals, banks, lawyers, airlines and many other business sectors
  • Excellent note-taking technique and memory skills
All our interpreters sign a strict code of conduct and a robust confidentiality agreement to safeguard your privacy, providing assurance of absolute confidentiality and complete privacy.

Team of Translators
Nanking Translation employs a specialist team of highly qualified translators who are subject matter experts, we insist that the translations must not only be technically accurate and faithful to the original text, but also clear, fluent and idiomatic. Over the years Nanking Translation has always upheld these principles in its professional translations, and has won the confidence of many world-famous clients, including GKN.

Our professional translators not only do translation, but also adapt the translation to your target audience. They are not only thoroughly conversant with Chinese and a foreign language, but also have a deep and extensive technical knowledge of relevant specialism, a factor which guarantees professionalism and accuracy in our technical translations, which in consequence can satisfy our clients’ highest professional requirements. Our translations from Chinese to a foreign language are all done by highly qualified foreign nationals, ensuring that the language of the translated text matches the language habits of foreign readers and comes as close as possible to native speech; this means that the language is in the highest degree fit for purpose.



Mark, UK English-Speaking Native Translator
Mark MacDermot
Translator, Proofreader, Copywriter

Native English Speaker (England) with 30+ years of experience in translating documents from Chinese to English in the fields of Culture, Marketing, Business, History, and Literature.
Technical Specialists of Localization
A dedicated team of localization specialists and technicians is at your disposal to assess your product and determine the correct course for localizing it.

Our expertise in localization enables us to combine our high quality translation, with graphics localization, voiceover and subtitles production services, which makes us the ultimate one-stop shop for anyone looking for a localization services vendor.

In order to help our clients replicate and convey the branding element along with the feel of their multilingual versions, we use experienced linguistic translator who is also technical specialist, and has personal experience in related background.
Project Management Team
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